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  • Our team was impressed with the content and presentation of your course.
    - NRI Industries, Inc.

  • During the 3-day session, participants learned exactly what is necessary to effectively implement and conduct a full systems internal audit. 
    - Fuel Systems, Inc

  • We were very happy with the ISO 14001 training
    - Winsert, Inc.
  • LSI did an exceptional job leading our team to TS 16949 certification.
    - Viking Products, Inc.

  • The LSI team worked very well together to help us achieve ISO 14001 certification. They were very quick to eliminate all the regulations that did not apply to us, and helped us concentrate on the ones we needed to work on. Communications were timely and accurate and kept us focused on the goal. LSI helped us integrate our TS and ISO systems, which in fact is a very good example of "Lean".  We would recommend them to anyone considering certification.
    - Innotec Corporation
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